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what is the GCN?

The Global Cooperation Network GCN is a project to solve the most serious, but limited and solvable problems on earth. It aims to solve pressing problems that have not yet been solved.

The GCN is a resource that mainly utilizes a database to coordinate successfully the contributions and donations of millions of supporters. We are therefore not dependent on support from governments or commercial companies.

image: GCN diagram

The GCN rests on three columns:

  1. A prestigious body or Council of Elders that specifies a list of the most important tasks to be done, and breaks these down to the materials and work needed. For example: "build a hospital in Timbuktu"; "needed: bricks, cement, x-ray unit, etc."; "work to be done: construction management, bricklaying, installing, etc.". The Council of Elders should consist of at least twelve people of good standing; it should also aim to represent all continents, races, sexes and religions. Various initiatives to establish a Council of Elders already exist.
  2. Global community: Millions of supporters worldwide who register their contact details, skills and offers online. E.g.: John Smith, translator, translation of leaflets.
  3. Technical and logistic equipment: Mainly a website and a database with which to bring together the people mentioned under 1. and 2.
    We need contributors, sponsors and donations!


  • I decide myself which project to support
  • I can watch the project develop on the internet
  • I no longer feel helpless/powerless in the face of corporations and governments
  • I am able to do something that gives me pleasure and of which I am proud
  • I can stay in the environment I am used to and can stay in my present job
  • I experience my actions as meaningful
  • I can help people without making too much of a sacrifice, e.g. by donating or lending goods I do not need (anymore)


The goal is to use the resources of millions of people worldwide who want to contribute to the creation of a world that is more livable. These people want to do more than just separate waste for recycling. They want to do something meaningful, while taking their place in society. They want to feel a valuable part of the global community. They want to be proud of themselves. Each person counts. We only have to work together in a coordinated way to reach our goals. Unlike previous generations, we have the immeasurable advantage of having the internet at our disposal. Why should only commercial companies use the internet to achieve their aims (i.e. to make a profit)?

With the help of the internet and a database, for any given project the fitting supporters for the materials and tasks needed can be found within a matter of seconds. After a project, e.g. the building and establishment of a hospital, is successfully completed it will be presented on the internet along with photographs. ALL supporters will be published on the website unless they object to their names being published. It is no longer necessary to rely on anonymous donors who do not receive any feedback.

Practical steps

  1. Register on the website (e.g. Jan Smith,, 0123/45678)
  2. Specify your skills and abilities (e.g. M.Sc. Physics, Foreign languages: English, Spanish)
  3. Specify your offers. There are four possible types: donate, lend, do, coordinate (e.g. hand out leaflets, lend someone a car)
  4. As soon as the database finds a match between one of my offers and a planned project I will automatically receive an e-mail. I can accept or refuse.
  5. I will fulfill my obligations arising from the offer in close contact with the relevant coordinator (good rating)
  6. I can follow the progress of 'my' project on the internet. Finished projects are published on the website along with all the contributors' names.

Up to now, a test database without internet connection exists. Please contact us, if you are interested in this project.